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In choosing Managed WordPress, you are already running your website on a secure environment, but there are a few things that we recommend you do to further improve your security.

Your WordPress Toolkit comes with a Security feature, which provides you with insights on how to harden your WordPress site and lets you seamlessly apply security directives without the need of coding knowledge.


To get started, first log in to your Client Portal

Next, you need to access your Server Manager portal. For instructions, please visit How Do I Access My Server Manager article.

Navigate to your WordPress toolkit section on the left pane and click on Security for the instance you wish to manage.

Here you can view your security recommendations. If you have any listed under Critical, we recommend you take the necessary steps to resolve them.


Click on the Details field, to view all recommendations along with information on what each of them does.


Click on the sign on any of the security options to view detailed information on what this specific directive does and what kind of malicious activity it combats.

Note: Most security directives can be reverted and they will be labeled as such, but there are a few that may require manual rollback. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the specifics of each directive before applying it.

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