How Can I Create a Subdomain?

1. Log in to your Server Manager. For instructions, visit the related article here.

2. Select the "Websites & Domains" section from the left sidebar and choose "Add Subdomain'

3. Choose your desired subdomain. We recommend securing the domain with a SSL Certificate at a later stage, as it requires the domain's A record(s) to be pointed to your server.

4. Next you need to create the necessary DNS record for your new 3rd level domain.

  • If you are using’s nameservers for your domain, you can add the necessary record from your Client Portal. For instructions on how to manage/add DNS records through your Client Portal, please visit the related article here.
  • If you are using a 3rd party dns provider, you will have to add the record from their control panel. Here’s the record value:

Type: A

Source: (replace “store” with the name you selected and replace “gt-example” with your own domain)

Destination: Your Managed WordPress server IP (you can view your server IP from your “Services” section in your Client Portal. It should look similar to this:



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